Issues with Needle Networking - How to tell all npc's that I've shared something

Hi @marcel :cactus: : Hope you are doing good. I’m trying to make some multiplayer game. I’m stuck with somethings. In my current room when 2 or more people joins and I wanted to tell some specific client playerID let say that “Hi, I have surprise for you”. Now this message can only we received to specific client playerID only. How to do that?

Also, in other scenario. I’m(My name in the network room is ‘Test-Player’) giving gift to player name ‘Test-1’. Now there are other players in the room too like ‘Test-2’, ‘Test-3’ etc. They should receives a callback where it says that ‘Test-Player’ has gifted ‘Test-1’. How to do that???

I’m looking for some Network Room Variable.

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Hey, first of all, please don’t ping team members directly.

I don’t think you can currently send a “private” messsage to a peer; I see how that would be useful in some cases. Please correct me if I’m wrong Marcel

What I’d do in your case would be to use manual networking events and send along the sender and receiver IDs so that you can choose what happens on receiving on different clients.

there are some data which i want to keep for the room level. Even whom so ever joins the same room later will also access that room variables and update things accordingly.

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Does Herbest’s answer explain how to do that or do you need further support? If so, just ask away :slight_smile:

Hi Kipash, I’m still stuck. Do you have any suggestions!

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If you want data to persist make sure the messages you send have a “guid” field, that’s currently all that’s needed for persistence.