Timeout Duration Inmultiplayer

How to Change or Edit Timeout Behavior or Timeout duration for Multiplayer?

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Hey :wave:
there is an option while starting the server to define that

(sets timeout to 5 seconds)

networking.startServerFastify(fastify, { endpoint: "/socket", defaultUserTimeout:5 });

let me know if you would need more context.

i am using Express Server

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The options are implemented the same way for express as well. (startServerExpress)

see readme here as well: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@needle-tools/needle-tiny-networking-ws @TNTCF4

i have added the timeout from the server to 5 Min but still the user is idling out in 10 Sec.

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any help in controlling that will be nice

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Can you test that if you set it to 1 second this log appears:
User Room timeout is set very low: 1 seconds. Consider increasing it to ~30 seconds or more.

If it does not, you might be on a older version. From my tests it worked (with fastify, if that would be the difference), but iā€™ll test it again :+1:

On the glitch server that you use for networking the networking package should be at least on 1.3.0