Networking, High density meshes on mobile, server settings and other questions

Hello Everyone, Im a big fan of what has been created here. Ive studie 3d computer animation and visual effects and have pivoted to more construction type business. I make 3d scans of environments and put them online with some quick script I found somewhere. But now I found and I want more. I quickly modded the collaborative sandbox file with one of my scans and some cars and stuff to put around the scene. You can visit here: But it appears I, in the process, have either broken the networking settings, or maybe my server doesnt support it or whatever. The point is mulitplayer doesnt work. And I dont know how to trouble shoot it.

I have greatly reduced the number of vertices to 70k or abouts, comming from 200k coming from some 8 milion. The 200k also works, but because mobile wouldnt open it I slimmed down vertcount. But still mobile wont load. Another problem I ran into and want to tell other people who are doing this, dont use multiple maps on one object. Blender and this package dont like it. Ive used 8k maps three on one environment and its constantly clouding my workflow.

So my question is do we have a guideline for max number of vertices, max image res, and or number of textures? Do we have any guidelines for serverside necessities?

I think my next step is to go back to the template and build it to make sure the problem exists in the original file. But any info is appreciated since im just a little script kiddy.

Also I thought Discord channel would also mean there would be an audio channel for people to chat, am I missing something?

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in general, you want to limit your texture sizes to 2K max on mobile. This isn’t a needle tools thing… this is what is recommended for game development in general.

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2k is very little, i want to push it in the direction of 60k, it worked with 100k with the simple viewer so it must be possible. Also Ill make different size ones of different purposes.

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VRSpatialist meant maximum texture size, I believe you’re talking about vertex count @Bloed :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your questions:

  • you can totally use multiple maps on one object.

  • for low-end mobile devices, it’s not recommended to have 4k textures, stick with 2k textures.

  • even on high-end mobile devices, don’t use 8k textures or higher. GPU on iOS devices will simply render them black or crash. It may work on some high-end devices (iPad Pro, latest gen Androids) but not in general.

  • try to stick to max. 200k vertices if you want to target things like mobile VR.

  • if you use our built-in stack for compressing textures and meshes (and you do if you make production builds) then you can go quite a bit higher than with defaults in other engines, since we compress everything in GPU-friendly formats so that it loads faster and is smaller in memory.

  • Guidelines for this are available in many places, but we plan to collect some on the Needle Engine docs page as well, can’t hurt. They do apply to any engine - these are hardware limitations, not engine-specific.

I did mean texture size. Textures consume GPU memory and if you run out of memory things get really really slow. As for polygon count, I’ve made native Unity apps for Quest 2 that approach 1 million polygons, but Needle Engine scenes are running in a web browser and web browsers can’t handle nearly as many polygons as a native app can

by user 563549194137239552