Particle System 'Edge' shape

Hi, another quick question about Particle System, I am trying to use the “Edge” shape in Shape tab, with Mode “Loop”, but it doesn’t seem to work, is not yet implemented?

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Hey, not all shapes are support. Best practice is to refer to the Particles sample and use one of the configurations from there.

Here you can use the box shape and make it really thin.

yeah, I know, unfortunately I needed the loop effect. I will try something else. Thanks! :gentleblob:

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“Loop effect”, such as it is going from left to right? Oh, it wraps around probably, right? Like from Need for Speed?

This could be achieved with a material and an animation as well.

I managed to make it using gravity, rate over time and max particles, and Voila!

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Awesome :cactus:

:raised_hands: :cactus:

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