Need help with Blender to needle/treejs lightmap baking

Hello, I’ve been trying to bake lightmap using needle blender addon. as of the moment it keeps crashing intensely on 3.6 and 3.3 on macOS. I’ve attempted to bake lightmap natively in blender and noticed blender baked light differently then needle addon does ( the light intensity and other things about baked light look different compared to needle bake even with all the light settings being the same ).

Did anyone experience something like this and maybe understands whats the difference between bakes. Maybe somebody who went through the whole blender to needle pipeline may be able to suggest?

Thank you

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About your question about visual difference: if you bake with Preview or High Quality we manage the blender bake settings temporarely so that might be the reason for them looking different. Also we dont bake diffuse color because that’s mixed in at runtime in the web with the object’s color - what you see when baking the scene is the light only. It will look correct in the browser.

@marcel :cactus: hey, I sent you bug reports in the previous psot

by user 182120058275889152