Issue with Blender file path

Hi! I try to use Needle with Blender. I’m on macOS 13.5.1 and Blender 3.6.3. When i try to choose a directory for the web project, it’s not working. If i made a folder in Desktop for exemple, Needle made this folder in the scripts folder of Blender. So when i want to run project i doesn’t working :confused:

how to solve this problem? Do I need to configure the folder path?


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Hey, are you on the latest needle blender plug-in version?

i just download the needle blender plug-in in the website, so i think yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok good :+1:
Does the path written in the component (after you picked a folder) look correct?

Would be good if you make some screenshots - we’re not aware of that issue so far (and tested quite a lot on Mac these days)

for exemple, this path in the screenshot is not the path Needle work with

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Needle made another path in the folder called “Needle Engine Exporter for Blender” and it’n not working

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If you want, I can make a video of my screen when I create a folder and watch you where is the folder at the end

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That’s the plug-in. That is not where your web project is created - the web project is at the path shown in your screenshot, so, on your desktop

What happens when you press “Run Project”, is there anything in the Blender console?

when i press Run project, in Terminal there is “No such file or directory” and it seems there is nothing in the Blender console.

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Hi @Nicolas Tilly could you have a look at the logfile via Help/Needle and send it to me?

Which directory opens when you click the “Open Directory” button?

but the folder in the path is always empty

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this one

this path is the good folder with all the files. But it’s not the good one with the “Project Path” field

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Do you mean it opens the blender addon directory? Can you perhaps record a video as you suggested? :slightly_smiling_face:

yes! it opens the blender addon directory.

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And i think the log file could be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

how can i find the logfile?

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