Input controller not working when deployed on browser

Hm, i can open then on 2022.3.4f1 just fine :confused: I’ll download the latest and try again.
Maybe something specific to MacOS?

Trying again in a new project, let’s see

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You can manually find the scene in Needle engine Samples / Runtime / SAMPLE_NAME and drag it into the Assets folder, it will duplicate the asset, then open it. As a temporary workaround.

Alternative would be to create a new project on 2021.

Any errors in the console, forgot to ask.

Do you have enough space? Is the project in a writable space and such?
I i’m not a mac os user for some time, so bare with me :smile:

Console showing this error: Instance of ExportInfoEditor couldn't be created. The script class needs to derive from ScriptableObject and be placed in the Assets/Editor folder.

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Is it ok to update to 3.21.0?

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On Windows 2022.3.11f with the latest samples running on 3.21.0 does work :confused: so it is possibly OS X specific.

What OS X version do you have?

Yes, the release is stable :+1:

Sonoma 14.0

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Finally made a sample correctly playing/exporting in Unity :beers:

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Stupid question: what if I want to play the sample just in Unity (not exporting to browser)?

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Needle is prepared for such duality.

The samples however are not.

If there’s some custom logic in the sample it is made in Typescript for the web only, so it won’t work in Unity.

But you are able to maintain yours like that :+1: allowing for multiplatform deploy and leveraging Needle for the web.

Do you mean that the .ts scripts are ignored when running inside Unity?

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Yes, those are not utilized.

For example I was trying the sample ShootingRange inside Unity. The player falls down as the rigidbody/collider is ignored

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