Help to work DragControls

that is, you need to put ObjectRaycasrer in MyScene?

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I need something that can be moved along the x and y axis

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ObjectRaycaster on the root (the object with green circle :green_circle:) and DragControls on what you want to drag.

If you select new scene and choose the Sandbox template everything is set up for you already.

sorry, but my scene does not see which script it uses.

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I’m afraid that this is how the script is indented to work and so it doesn’t fulfil your usecase.

You can write your own component to do the exact movement you want.

Or alternativly if typescript is not your strong side, you can rotate the camera to look down on the scene and rotate your sprites upwards. Then i think the drag controls will pan the objects as you would expect.

But you should consider writing your own solution. Scripts in samples won’t fit all use cases.

In regards to the missing script, that’s odd. What Unity version are you using?


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Ah, that’s the UniversalAdditionalCameraData component since the samples are build with URP, it doesn’t effect logic or performance :+1: so don’t mind that.

We are aware of it and with potentially losing samples support for Unity 2020 it would result that, but it might be too soon since people still use that version :slight_smile:

what version do you recommend?

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2021 LTS with URP is i believe the safest choice (future wise) :+1:

And I just have the LTS version

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You seem to be alrgiht, 28f1 is out but i don’ think you need to update to that right away :+1:

but can’t see this script

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recommend to install 2021.3.28 ?

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Also, you are using the use built-in render pipeline, only set back i can think of, is that the Stencil Masking is not supported there. For it to work you would need to switch to URP.

Realistically, if you are using shaders from UnityGltf/ you don’t need to do anything.

no, shouldn’t be needed right now. Make a update for once in a while tho.

What script? The one that is missing?

Or that you can search for ObjectRaycaster?