DragControls questions

i see that DragControls dispatches the “dragstart” and “dragend” events.

in this attached image i am trying to listen to those events, but nothing is getting console logged when i drag a sphere. Any ideas why?

In the unity editor i have:

  1. basic XR Rig
  2. GameObject that is just a sphere containing DragControls and my component i created in attached image

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Sorry I just saw your post - the DragControls components is using some old code for those and you need to use dragControls.addDragEventListener

hmm i replaced addEventListener with that method and still not seeing the console logs. DragControls is successfully initialized. but dispatched events are not being detected

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is ObjectRaycaster needed somewhere in the scene for this to work? I have the basic XRRig, but not ObjectRaycaster. If it is needed, where does it go?

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Ah i just realized it detects drag events when using mouse, but not drag events when using a VR controller…wonder why

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Ahh okay - so looks like addDragEventListener is good for detecting a mouse drag. Looks like onPointerEnter and onPointerExit (which are also on DragControls) can be used for detecting VR controller interactions

by user 352282921056468993

Looks like an oversight on our end - thanks for the additional details!