Ground projection

Is there a way to increase the texel density / uv scale of the skybox texture on the “floor” of the skybox?

I’ve been playing around with the scale and radius setting, and this feels pretty good now in terms of horizon, but the ground texture doesn’t exactly convey a 13m tower…

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Hey👋 To find a good combination of HDRi and scene size ca be quite difficult while using GroundProjection.

If you can’t find good parameters for the GroundProjection component, that means it would be better if you would consider different HDRi or to put a physical floor there.

One option would be to use a panorama sphere and cut the top half off, flatten it and choose your own size / distribution, it might get bit deformed, so be careful.

You can always fade the corners so the mesh fades into the skybox.

The issue with these Ground Projs, is mainly when you are far from the origin where the 360 camera was . Your scene requires that and therefore a working distance, kindda dictates the density of the floor.

I’ve been battling with the same. While making multiple variants, the hangar looked the most coherent.

(Ground projection sample variants)

For adjusting those settings what I found works well is adding the EditorSync component and then adjusting the parameters until it looks as expected

Gotcha. Thanks all for quick feedback!

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Any idea how to rotate the position of the grounded projection, can’t seem to get it to sync

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You can rotate in the Skybox material in the Unity lighting settings and that will bubble through to IBL and the ground projection


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