Emissive strength not exported in Apple Quick Look

Just testing out a model with an albedo and an emissive that look very different - exported with emissive strength 0 as a glb, drag/dropped into my Needle model viewer it shows the material fine with the emissive strength as 0 but when exported to Apple Quick Look, the emissive strength does not pass through as 0 so the emissive strength shows as 0.5. Is this a Quick Look exporter bug? I have a repro model I can privately share

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Yes please share it!

Dm’ed you it @herbst🌡

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Submitted a bug for this now

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Will be fixed in the next release! Thanks for the bug report.

(test case just demonstrating various combinations of emissive strength, emissive color, and emissive map)

(before my fixes)

Thanks for fixing, I’ll get round to testing this soon

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Cool, let me know how it goes!