Documentation on VR grabbables?

When building a VR scene I have just added a WebXR component to enable VR which spawns a VR avatar of sorts that has pointers which can grab objects from afar - is there a way to add just grabbable logic for the controllers to grab things they are near to within a radius like a direct grabbable interactor from Unity for example?
I couldn’t see any documentation on this behaviour below

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Hi, you can subscribe to the WebXRController ControllerEvents.SelectStart event at the moment - the second argument contains an object with the object to be grabbed ({ grab: object }) - this is invoked before the object is attached and you can modify or set grab to null to prevent it

WebXRController.addEventListener(ControllerEents.SelectStart, (controller, args) => { args.grab = null } ); < something like that would disable all grabbing

of course in your case you want to check the distance to the object before doing that

I’ll give that a shot thanks!

by user 103054507105067008