Deploying to AWS

Is there any documentation for electing to host on AWS and not Glitch? Would the commercial or non-commercial be its own containerized instance?

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Hey, the client-side parts are super easy to host as typically you just upload your build folder. There’s docs for various deployment options, but not specifically for AWS yet: Deployment & Compression | Needle Engine Documentation

Are you looking at just client-side code or also server-side (e.g. networking)? Would love to learn more about your usecase.

Hey, thank you for the Insite @herbst🌵 , I suppose I’m looking for a use case hosting server side, I’m wanting to have a container instance, Is there a process to configure in the deployment process in Unity?

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With “server side” you mean running multiplayer networking code or just hosting? Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing

There’s an API to make builds and there’s also command line flags for automated builds

On top of that you can make your own “deployment components” similar to the one we already ship

Well I might be asking the wrong question, sorry about that. What I mean is deployment targeting. I suppose I am confused about targeting perhaps. In the process of build to folder…is there any step by step to change the configuration in unity and uploading directly to a hosted web server. I’m not very concerned about multi player networking yet. Thank you so much @herbst🌵 . At the moment I am using Glitch, and I would like to know best practices for this use case.

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So the “super quick getting started” is that you

  • open build settings in Unity
  • select Needle Engine as target
  • click on build
  • upload that folder wherever you want, including on AWS

This is amazing!! :PandaNorm: Needle is that versitle and easy to deploy! :+1:Thank you @herbst​:cactus:

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You’re welcome! In the docs above that would be the “Build to folder” approach, all the others are basically wrappers that first build to a folder and then upload the result somewhere for you

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