Can not perform raycast - no main camera found

I checked the source of this error I found here in AR at the bottom of this comment and it seems to happen at engine_physics.ts but the scene in use has a MainCamera tagged camera in the Gltf Object + Web AR Session Root. Is there any reason why this error would flag despite the camera being there?
Using Exporter 2.48.0-pre and the Bike Config project from the issue above

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Hey I think it needs investigation in the project, if this is not an issue in another project right now it should be enough to keep the discussion on github I think

I think it might be related to the spectator camera component, for now I’ll mark this as answered and keep the discussion to the github issue. Error didn’t happen when I disabled the Spectator gameobject in the scene but the placement sphere still won’t show.

by user 103054507105067008