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Hello 0nederful,

Needle Engine itself doesn’t have a built-in blockchain SDK, but since it is a web-based engine, you can typically use any JavaScript or TypeScript-based SDK that works with web applications. For example, popular options like web3.js or ethers.js are often used for interacting with blockchain in web environments. You would need to integrate these packages into your project by installing them via npm and then importing them into your TypeScript files to use within your Needle Engine project.

Regarding limitations, it’s true that not all features available elsewhere might be supported in Needle Engine. TextMesh Pro, which is a Unity-specific text rendering system, is not supported; but you can use the built-in legacy text components provided by Needle Engine, such as the Text component.

When troubleshooting, if you’re unsure whether an issue is due to your own code, a limitation or missing feature in the engine, or perhaps a bug, you can consult the documentation or reach out with specific questions. This way, you can verify whether what you’re trying to achieve is supported and get guidance on how to implement it correctly using the available components and APIs.

For more information on scripting and available components, you can refer to the scripting introduction and core components documentation:

Keep in mind that when working with external SDKs, the package must be compatible with the environment that Needle Engine operates in (web) and properly installed in your project.

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