Scripting Api and Thorough Documentation

Hello Needle Team !

I might be doing it totally wrong but I have a hard time finding information on certain functionalities or even knowing what tools are available.

Is there a more detailed scripting api?

for instance on the Needle Engine Documentation page: instantiateSynced isn’t referenced.

So far my approach is to look at the codes of some of your example and try to understand how it works.

I would love having access to gpt3.5 that has access to your scripting api. It would make it so much productive !
if that involves paying for a licence, then I am in !

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Hi @Kevin

Thanks for the question. There are currently 3 pages that focus on scripting:

But they don’t cover all of the api and none mentions instantiateSynced so it’s good that you ask for that. Do you have more methods that you discovered that you couldnt find information in the docs abou?

I’d love that too (gpt) - I’ll add it to our internal list.
Do you think in general having a page with the engine api would have helped you as well?

hi @marcel :cactus: thanks for the reply. Yes indeed I think it would have given me at least a glimpse of what the engine is offering and what it is capable of doing, straight out-of-the-box. As of GPT, having the ability to prompt it about needle engine would be awesome, but that infers api costs on your behalf, however internally, you could use it in order to create a thoroughly organized documentation and publish it on the website.

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Hi, I have been working on something of this on the weekend and I can add that vercel has made an ai package that seems promising, so far I have managed to do the simple chat with gtp-3.5-turbo in sveltekit and I was just wondering how I could integrate that into my needle project since it is a server.ts script and idk how that would work with exporting it

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You are referring to something like using the vercel ai + chatgpt+turbo in your needle engine app? I’d suggest you start a new thread for this because what jack was asking for is adding AI support to the documentation

We can discuss it in a new post @AFR :wink:

I’ll make a post this friday when I have some spare time :slightly_smiling_face:

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cool :slightly_smiling_face: