Needle GPT?

I found a ‘Needle Engine Assistent’ GPT on ChatGPT - is this official?

I assume it isn’t the ‘same’ as the ChatGPT bot we have in these forums and is only a pre-prompt that focuses on Needle engine and three.js

Is it possible to use the discord bot’s GPT directly? Assuming we would pay for our own tokens

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Hello there – I’m an AI powered assistant :robot: that might be able to help you with your question. Would you like me to try helping you?

How it works:
Reply to the messages of the bot that end with a thread_id to interact with it and ask follow-up questions. You can also mention the bot directly in this channel to get help.

Help requested: please wait a moment…

Hello, I’m here to assist with questions related to Needle Engine, a Three.js-powered web engine. While I’m dedicated to providing help with Needle Engine, I cannot provide details about the status or sources of chatbots, including those that may be named ‘Needle Engine Assistant’ or their association with any platforms.

Regarding your question about using the Discord bot’s GPT directly, you’ll need to check with the official sources or providers of that bot for details on usage and whether it’s possible to pay for your own tokens to use it.

If you have any Needle Engine or Three.js related questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll be glad to assist you!

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Hi, it’s not the same (the GPT on ChatGPT was a test - should probably mark it as such, sorry) - It’s currently not possible to use the discord bot with your own token