Animator -1 speed doesn't work?

I want to use animation to go forward and back, using the same animation with speeds of 1 and -1.

However, the -1 animation first triggers with speed 1 and only then does reversed one.

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Hi, you’re right, that’s not supported right now - we wanted to look into it anyways tho, will let you know in the next days

roger that please do it its very important

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I’ve just did a first implementation of this here

Related thing: I also noticed that any speed other than 1 will not match root motion (root motion seems fixed to speed 1)

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That is possible. I wouldnt consider root motion production ready yet too. It’s not correct yet

Altough I dont think it should affect root motion/be fixed to a speed of any clip :thinking:

As some explanation, so far we’ve been baking the speed of the motion into the clip - so when you e.g. have five motions all referencing the same clip with different speeds you’d get five animations out.
That is being changed to “let’s export with speed 1 as usual and then apply speed dynamically”.


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by user 263967078346653697