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Hi! It’s more of a brief question. Has any changes been made to timeline or animator in the last month? Because I have a situation in which one of my robots has an timeline and an animator on same GameObject, and one animator on the child. The timeline controls the child animator, and is being enabled by a script. When the animation gets to the trigger, the timeline is Disabled and the animator on the GameObject is enabled so it continues the animation. The first Timeline children Animator pair is used so the robot is coming to a position, and the animator solely is used to display an idle animation, while an script makes the robot rotate towards camera. But unfortunately, when the timeline is activated, the robot won’t move to initial position, and also, the children animator apply root motion option not seems to work. So the GameObject stays in the position of where it should be triggered the switch from Timeline to Animator.

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Hi, can you maybe record a video of what you expect to happen in Unity and then what happens in the browser?


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Do you get any error on export?

If not can you send a bugreport with the scene?

In unity. In browser only warnings

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I this seems to be caused by the recent animatorcontroller root motion fixes - here the timeline should take over 100% tho and the weight is not respected by the controller (which is 0 in this case)

would this be what you expect?

(i disabled most of the scenery for faster iteration :slightly_smiling_face: )

This is archived (with the fix I made locally) fading out the timeline where you want to blend into the animator idle animation.
The Animator on “TimelineBar” is disabled here and no other script is running.
The Animator on “RobotBar” has root motion enabled

Yes, this is what I was looking for.

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Thanks a lot ! But now how do I make it like yours? :classyblobthink: :joy:

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It will be fixed next Update

Okay, thanks a lot. I thought I messed up something when I was working with materials. :joy: :green_heart:

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Do you have any idea when it will be released?

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Today :wink: