WebXR AR on Android with React template not working?

Trying this link on an Android phone using Chrome - clicking start AR just shows the scene background and no AR seems to be running, is this a bug? Using the React template, if I use the Vite template with the same scene, AR works fine?

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Are you using react or r3f here?

React only

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I can send a minimal repro project. Just going to test with the samples if I can

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@marcel :cactus: I sent this to Bugreport-ModelPreviewReact-230704-111654_uw.zip

You have to run as with the ?isAR url parameter

Tested with Sony Xperia 1 V, android 13 on Google Chrome - with React the AR mode does start the camera but the camera can’t be seen and nothing on screen can be pressed. Tried with the ?console command argument but once in AR the console icon can’t be pressed and the stop AR button can’t be pressed so any logs are lost.

Tested with iPhone 13 in Mozilla WebXR viewer the AR mode works fine
Quick Look on iOS also works fine so this bug is just for Android WebXR AR with React

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iPhone 13 in Mozilla WebXR viewer the AR mode works fine
That’s strange. Thanks for the report