AR Autofocus with Android

Hey I try a few features with needles, but I have the problem that the autofocus of my camera does not work, so its always a bit blurry. Especially with ImageTracking it is a problem. Is that how it should be? I know WebXR does not support autofocus.
On my iOS Device it works perfectly. Or is it because of the browser or the device?

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Hi, sounds like an issue with your camera? Which Android Version + phone are you using? I haven’t seen this happen on my pixel 6a before

Android 12 on a Redmi Note 11. It is not the “newest” one i know :smile:
But it worked solid with my native ar apps from unity. So I was wondering about the loss of quality from my camera :smile:

by user 347826372732780545

Hey @MarcChris, you may have to report an issue to the browser. There’s no autofocus option for WebXR, they agreed on that this is something that the browser implementation needs to handle correctly, we can’t influence it.

See WebXR Image Tracking API suddenly doesn't work · Issue #7 · immersive-web/marker-tracking · GitHub

TL;DR is: browsers should enable autofocus when tracking images but if they don’t it’s a bug in the browser