Visual studio editor 2.0.20


The new Unity VS Code integration seems to want Visual Studio Editor version 2.0.20:
The Unity extension for Visual Studio Code depends on the Visual Studio Editor Unity Package. In Unity, open up Windows, Packages. Make sure the Visual Studio Editor package is upgraded to 2.0.20 or above.

But Needle tools installs with 2.0.18 as a dependency and is locked?

Is it an issue to unlock and upgrade to Unity Visual Studio Editor 2.0.20?

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Hey, we don’t have a dependency on 2.0.18, where do you see that?

In fact we don’t have a dependency on any of those code editor packages

Which Unity version are you on?

Ah, are you maybe running into the new Unity “Feature Sets” packages? When you make a new project on 2022+ they add e.g. an “Egineering Feature Set” by default which is just a fancy way of saying they add a dependency on multiple packages.

And yes, looks like the both the deprecated VS Code Editor package as well as the 2.0.18 VS package are in there.

You should be able to “unlock” the feature set which will basically add the invidiual packages as dependencies instead so that you can add/remove/update as you see fit.


Yes, that’s it - I was just about to run that, but wanted to check - thanks for the rapid response!!!

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I found that confusing at first too, especially that they are now locked into some packages they don’t even officially support anymore being part of their own stable “Feature Sets”…

makes sense I guess, but puts the scare in you…

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