Video player not working on shader graph material

Hi, Im using video player with material override to reproduce a video over my object, the thing is, I also need a shader graph material I created but the video only works with a standard material, Is video player incompatible with shader graph or is it something that Im doing wrong?

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Can you try renaming your texture propery to “map”?

that worked wonderful, Thank you very much, I have days trying to find another way to do it

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now that we are at that, my shader is basically a “clipping mask”, I couldn’t make unity´s clipping mask work so I made my own, is it a way to mask objects that I’m not aware of? or is not implemented yet?

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Which clipping mask were you trying to use? You mean something like a cutout effect?

Materials (e.g. lit shader) set to cutout should work, you could also use the PBRGraph shader.

Im not sure if it works with videoplayers tho (maybe if you have a video with transparency but i never tested that)

yes, a cutout effect, tried with UI elements and the “Mask” component, and with sprites and “Sprite Mask” and neither of them worked so I ended using a 3d plane with a custom shader messing with the alpha chanel

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Ah wasnt aware youre talking about UI. Yes that does only work for meshes currently and mask or sprite mask are not implemented right now