UVmap at Blender3.5

How can I use such UVmap duplicate(blender2.79) option in blender3.5?
Please help me…

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Do you mean having a second UV set? You can add that to the mesh where the first UV set is located

Thanks for your attention.
I don’t mean second UV map.
I mean, at a selected plane, I want to map duplicated images.
Like this one.

by user 1117488659030081576

You mean setting the texture wrap mode to repeat? I believe you can select repeat mode on the image texture node in your material graph.

Thanks for your kind answer.
BTW, I can’t find what you mentioned.
Could you kindly explain more detailly?

by user 1117488659030081576

Please google for texture wrap mode in Blender for more info - this forum is for Needle Engine support, not general Blender usage :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!