Use webcam to test Image tracking

Can i use my webcam to test AR Image tracking?

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Hey Devon! While I’m not aware of a desktop browser implementing WebXR image tracking, you can access the website directly from an Android or iOS phone to test image tracking right on device.

Do you have a specific usecase in mind for doing that on a desktop/laptop browser?

Hey @herbst🌡 No specific use case, mostly just test AR image tracking and world tracking.

by user 538309299538231296

I see - yeah, definitely recommend having a real device at hand for testing :slightly_smiling_face: any simulation is gonna be non-perfect

I totally agree it would be useful to have though, maybe the WebXR Emulator (a Chrome extension by Meta) develops in that direction - you could open an issue on their repo asking for image tracking on AR :slightly_smiling_face: