WebXR Image Tracking

how does the setup look like in your unity scene? I didn’t find anything in the documentation.

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You can find the sample scene here right now on the image-tracking branch: https://github.com/needle-tools/needle-engine-samples/tree/samples/image-tracking

can you already estimate how long it will take for iOS devices to be supported?

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What do you think, is the Samsung S8+ too old? Couldn’t do Image AR tracking with this device. EDBYTO – E-Learning-Anwendungen für das WebXR.

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Did you enable the webxr incubations flag? via chrome://flags/

Image tracking does require it right now

IOS works, but without Textures. Crazy (Chrome)

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The scene doesnt use textures but vertex colors and that’s not supported by quicklook I believe

Yes, I had already set that.

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I actually added image tracking support for QuickLook yesterday :eyes:
Have to clean it up a bit but works already.

There are some QuickLook on iOS limitations unfortunately, so the above sample won’t work:

  • scene extends below floor plane - QuickLook pushes it up, non-trivial to work around
  • scene occlusion can’t be turned off - so “hole in the wall / hole in the floor” scenarios are not possible
  • vertex colors as mentioned above

I’ll take a glance if baking vertex colors to texture is feasible at runtime.
At some point we’ll potentially have a validator of sorts in the editor to show when a scene will / will not work in QuickLook

I was wrong there. There is NO image tracking on IOS, only AR.

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Image Tracking on iOS is not released yet. Felix just worked on it yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:

Image tracking on IOS works great. My textures are also displayed. Many thanks to Halle :):+1:

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Thanks great to hear

My own workaround is to use an AnimateBy preliminary…Action to jettison the asset in place at Scene start. ARQL handles both well designed scenes and badly authored assets with the origin/pivot in wild places. Therefore it first calculates a bounding box of the whole scene - wrongly assuming, the bottom lies on the ground plane.

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