Object recognition in Needle

Hello I am developing an AR app, that can recognize an object with de cellphone camera and in aumented reality change for example the color or the opacity of the 3d model. The idea is to make all in the web with the capabilities and the ease that needle has to make web pages for AR. But I don’t know if it’s currently posible with needle. Thanks in advance.

This is and example of what I want to do.

The problem with this example, is that wikitude it’s a paid app :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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Hey, while 3D model tracking is currently not available in WebXR, in many cases image tracking gets very close to that.

If your target group is iOS only there may be ways to get object tracking to work there (iOS QuickLook / RealityComposer has support for that), but unfortunately not in a cross-platform way right now

The image tracking sample is here: