Object tracking

Hey! before buying I just want to make sure that your product fits my needs
I want to make a Web AR that track objects from camera
And if your SDK includes the detection or I need to use ARfoundation or something like that
Thanks for helping!

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3D Object tracking itself is not a part of the WebXR spec so far, but there are some external marker tracking solutions that people have been using (e.g. MindAR or AR.js).
Recommend you try before you buy :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s also a AR.js implementation/test with Needle Engine by @maXR GitHub - FireDragonGameStudio/NeedleAndARjs :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the Answers!
Unfortunately I need a full object tracking and not marker/image tracking…

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You could try this one (also on our list to test): GitHub - WebAR-rocks/WebAR.rocks.object: Object detection and tracking

Hey, can you tell me how do I implement it in your product?

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