USDZExporter - 'Allow Create Quick Look Button' on or off still always shows a Quick Look button

Trying to script in some way to hide/show the Quick Look button when using a USDZExporter in a scene, when the component itself is disabled, no button shows so I can verify it is the component itself - when ‘Allow Create Quick Look Button’ is true or false on the component, the Quick Look button always shows.

I am trying to find some way to find it and hide it through the following code but I don’t think this path finds the button

  this.xrScript.getButtonsContainer() =

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Can you check if the toggle is also enabled on the WebXR component?

On WebXR all UI toggles are off and I also disabled Quick Look Export there as I already use the component

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How does the button look like?

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It’ll be fixed in the next update. Sorry

Thanks! Will I be able to access it via this.xrScript.getButtonsContainer().quicklookButton.

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