Webxr-buttons div moved or removed?

I was using this before the latest Needle WebXR changes to grab the WebXR buttons div and hide or show them, is it renamed?

  start() {
    this.mainContext = this.context;
    const div = this.context.domElement.shadowRoot!.querySelector(
    ) as HTMLElement;
    if (!div) {
      console.warn("Could not find webxr-buttons element");

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Hello there – we have an experimental AI bot :robot: that might be able to help you with your question. Would you like to try this out?

You can access it via the getButtonsContainer here for example: Discord

Or alternatively:
this.context.domElement.queryElement("needle-webxr-buttons")should also work (it’s a custom webcomponent now)

Sweet, investigating how to hide/show those send to quest and qr code buttons now as those are new, very cool to have the QR code one I’m using it a lot now rather than Chrome’s send QR code

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You can just disable them in the WebXr component (there are options in unity)


At runtime is it possible now to enable or disable those buttons showing? I have a model viewer using url params to dictate if AR or VR buttons show etc

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getButtonsContainer().arButton.style.display = "none" or remove()

My functionality for it already sort of works so I’m just checking what I need to add for the QR code one

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Looks easy enough thank you

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For this I get this.context.domElement.queryElement is not a function

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sorry it’s querySelector

How do I get the QRbutton like this example for the sendToQuestButton? xr.getButtonsContainer().sendToQuestButton.style.display = "none";

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There’s no such button built-in right now - but you can use the QR code function to generate the image (import via @needle-tools/engine)

            const size = 200;
            const code = await generateQRCode({
                text: window.location.href,
                width: size,
                height: size,
            qrCodeContainer.innerHTML = "";