Uppercase/lowercase functions

I have a ts function

public ActivateSceneByNumber(sceneNum: number)

which I reference on an UnityEvent (screenshot). Ever since updating from 2.64 to anything above, this function does not get called. The browser console gives me an error:

Object { __context: undefined, __name: "NeedleActivateScene", gameObject: {…}, guid: "2112579021", sourceId: "assets/scene.glb?v=1678872779091", __didAwake: false, __didStart: false, __didEnable: false, __isEnabled: true, __destroyed: false, … }
 undefined engine_serialization_builtin_serializer.ts:266:53```
changing it to lowercase ```activateSceneByNumber```, codegen gets triggered correcty and I can reattach it to the UnityEvent and it gets correctly called in the build. Making it Uppercase again, it does not work. Is there some kind of caching of function names going on which I can delete to stop this from happening?

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This browser message is showing up even if I dont trigger the Unityevent, so the exporter seems to no export the function correctly.

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Hi, there’s no such thing right now. Function names called by UnityEvents must be lowercase in typescript/javascript

Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks!

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In a future version we hopefully know at export time which methods exist in your typescript class so we can resolve that more reliable (for example builtin methods are all lowercase as a convention). We’d also like to have that to only export fields that are actually declared

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