Unity reflection issue

I’m using needle engine for a personal project and I want to get reflection of environment on the floor. It’s working fine in unity but when I press play in needle engine unity on website, it does not work properly. It’s totally different in chrome webpage than what it I see in unity. Please have a look at these photos and help me out with this issue.

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Hey :wave: Do you use reflection probes or is that reflection coming from the skybox?

I think it’s neither - @Tobi216 you mean the specular reflection is different right? Looks “dull” on the right side.
Would you mind sending a screenshot of your scene hierarchy, especially where lights are?

Used reflection probe.

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Did you assign the reflection probe to the floor mesh renderer?

Like so:

Note that we also only support custom reflection probes right now

I did that… It made the environment darker in chrome webpage

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can you try setting your metallic to 0 or 1 and see if the visuals are more similar?

Adjusted metallic value too… It still is like this

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So, what are your probe settings? Since it seems it is mixxing the skybox and that is exactly what is missing in the browser. Needle doesn’t support blending currently.

Could you make a test where you would choose a different skybox (ideally some black and white studio) to see if that removes the blue tint which you could add to the albedo / tint of the materials themselves (to get you back into control over the scene)

This is my probe setting

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Please set it to „Custom“ and press Bake once

Just tried that and the reflections are same and also not accurate. Like you can check that photo, when I move around the reflection on the floor is moving too.

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Do you mean box projection? That’s not supported in three.js right now so also not in Needle Engine

Would you mind submitting a bug report via Needle Engine menu? I’d like to look at this particular scene to understand the issue better.

Yes sure… Please have a look at it and help me. Thanks!

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