Trying to preload a video without using the PlayOnAwake

Hi :), I’m triying to preload a video before use it in order to improve the video’s fluency. So I unchecked the option PlayOnAwake of the VideoPlayer.
Then I added the next code

export class VideoLoadController extends Behavior{

    videoPlayer !: VideoPlayer; 

  private video !: HTMLVideoElement;

    if(this.videoPlayer){ = this.videoPlayer!.videoElement!; 

But the problem is that, if I uncheck the PlayOnAwake, it seems that the videoElement doesn’t exists. So I can’t preload the video. Do you know some alternative in order to preload it ?
I tried also, leave the PlayOnAwake and pause the videoElement and then resume it but It did’t work as I expected.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello DiegoEloko,

It seems that the VideoPlayer component does indeed hold the reference to the HTMLVideoElement you are trying to manipulate. When playOnAwake is unchecked and you are trying to access the video element, it may not be initialized properly.

Instead of relying on playOnAwake, you should manually initialize the video element using the create method provided by the VideoPlayer component. This method allows you to create the video element without immediately playing it.

Here’s an updated version of your code that initializes the video element and then preloads and plays the video:

export class VideoLoadController extends Behavior {

  videoPlayer!: VideoPlayer; 

  start(): void {
    // Ensure the VideoPlayer is assigned
    if(this.videoPlayer) {
      // Manually create the video element without auto-playing

      // Access the video element
      const video = this.videoPlayer.videoElement; 
      if (video) {
        // Set preload attribute and load the video
        video.preload = "auto";

        // Listen for the 'canplaythrough' event to start playback
        video.addEventListener("canplaythrough", () => {


What does the function VideoPlayer.create(false) does ?

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Thinking :brain:

The bool argument is if it should play after that automatically so create(false) will just create the videoelement but not start playing

You can see this kind of information in your ide usually when you hover the method

Thanks, it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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The next version will also expose a “preload()” method that you can call

That would be really cool

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under the hood it does the same as create(false) tho so you can just stick with create(false) :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s just more intuitive :slightly_smiling_face: