HTML ID as new render mode for Video Player

I am trying to adapt the streaming video sample so that the Video appears in an HTML element outside of the the three.js scene.

It seemed it might be a good feature if you could just point a videoplayer at an HTML tag and have it send the video there at runtime.

I amy take a stab at doing something like that but I thought I would toss out the idea.

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Changed the channel name: HTML ID as new render mode for Video Player

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Thats actually what is happening behind the scenes
Maybe all we need to do is expose a way to give the videoplayer component an existing video element instead of creating a new one

Whatever way flows best with how your code is structured.

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You could also try grabbing the VideoElement the player is creating and make that visible. Not sure what would preferred (maybe there are cases for both)

I’ll give that a look… I’m still in a POC stage so if it works for now that’s all that matters

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Ok great, let me know how it works :slightly_smiling_face: