Streaming a video / running a video from StreamingAssets


I am new to this engine as one might guess, and I am willing to play a video in-game.

I am familiar with placing mp4 file in Assets/StreamingAssets folder and loading it dynamically (through code) from that folder, and I am familiar with AVPro way of buffering HLS files.

Usually in our games, we either load from StreamingAssests or download the playlist file for the buffering from a designated bucket. Is there a way to mimic one or both of these method?

Thanks ahead!

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You can simply put a video into Unity and use that in a VideoPlayer and it’ll be copied out on export and streamed at runtime

I’m not entirely sure if the behavior is the same when the video is referenced via file URL/from StreamingAssets right now

@kipash :cactus: would be cool if you check and raise an issue if necessary - thanks!

But either way, video/audio are always streamed with Needle