Regarding Video Playback

Hi, i have try the video playback demo… but, i have problem to used Stream video from URL. its seem like the video only play if the video is hosting on Google cloud Platform… but fail to play if i host it in my own web hosting server

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Please check the browser console for error messages

Your web server might be refusing the connection depending on how its configured

To add to that, what’s the format of the video stream? HLS? Dash? Just a mp4? etc.

just for asking…is it posibble i playback video from personal google drive?

by user 1120750089279905813

Im 99% sure it’s not possible with google’s settings / drive features

Technically you can, but you’d have to use the Google Drive API to actually fetch the file. There’s no simple public link to an mp4 or so. The temporary mp4 links that Google generates (e.g. when you view the video in Drive) are valid for ~4 hours last time I checked.