Transition between webxr apps on Quest browser

I’m trying to take users from one common room from an independent room per user. For quest users the transition between two different webxr apps is quite manually done, since the user must exit the current webxr app in order to see the second one that was opened as a second tab. Is there a way to switch different webxr apps?

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I believe you mean staying in VR when switching from one to another independent web app?

There’s a sessiongranted event for the immersive web. If that’s set and you navigate from one URL to another you can stay in VR. If you enter VR using the button that our WebXR component creates that is already setup for you (so if you have two web apps built with needle engine you should stay in VR)

@herbst🌵 made a PR for that a while back to add it to vanilla three too: [Feature] `sessiongranted` support for VRButton to enable in-VR navigation by hybridherbst · Pull Request #23110 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

I believe there has been a bug in e.g. the quest browser where this stopped working tho but I’m not 100% sure right now what the state of it is.

Does that answer your question?

Here’s a example in AFrame:

You may need to enable the feature in your quest browsers chrome:flags to try it

It should work in the Quest browser in Needle Engine, yes

yes, what I’m willing is to stay in VR when I switch webxr apps. And I am also using the VRButton, but not sure how to switch the webxr apps without doing it manually

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I tried the example on the link above, but not sure how to switch rooms, tried with all the keys and clicking on the 3d object

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Simply change the page href or make a link and call click on it from code

In the example you can just walk through the portal in VR if i remember correctly

If the target page supports sessiongranted (and all Needle Engine xr apps do) you’ll simply stay in VR

There’s a few additional (undocumented by Meta) rules regarding loading time etc, how long is an app allowed to load before the XR session is actually started

So try to keep the initial page slim and leverage additive loading (eg. nested Gltfobject in Needle Engine)

I was trying to open the link with this, but that only opens the webxr on another tab;

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and yes, I remain in VR, but also remains on the current webxr app, should I do other thing to load the other webxr app?

by user 939271426349862963; opens a new tab, what you need to do is navigate in the same tab using, "_self");

or window.location.href = "webxrurl";

see Window open() Method

I tried with, “_self”) and that takes me out of the quest browser and opens the second webxr app on the current tab, must hit enter vr a second time to enter vr

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might be because of this

I’ve tried with the second option and takes the same path

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