Sprite not showing in particle

this sprite is displayed in unity, but the needle engine is not

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Can you screenshot your material that you’ve set to the particle system

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Please refer to the particles sample to debug why it isn’t working :+1:

By default unity uses its own default material Sorry not true. Unity doesn’t force one by default at all.

that shader might not be supported, please make your own material and set a supported shader

this shader is default in unity (((

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How can I tell if it’s supported?

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Is there an example of how to put sprites on particles?

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You can observer the already setup particles in the particles sample.

Access the samples with this menu, you might need to install the samples package first.

For what shader is supported, please refer to the docs:

Thank you very much for your help! I solved the problem, created a new material and threw it into particles.

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@kipash :cactus: would you mind double-checking if that shader is the issue and opening a bug at the pfc/UnityGltf repo if that’s the case? Thanks!

I made a incorrect assemption that this material is by default assigned to a newly created particel system. By default there’s no material assigned at all.

sprites/default lacks ability to assign a texture on the material.

If there was ever a working situation in unity, the particle system had to use Texture Sheet Anim - Mode: Sprites instead of Grid. Which isn’t supported in the first place.

Therefore it is not an issue of UnityGltf nor the shader. It’s no a default and the shader shouldn’t be used for that.

OK, so summary would be that “yes, the Sprites/Default shader is not exported by UnityGltf” - please open an issue about that :smile: