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How can I reset a scene without having to touch the URL?

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To reset a scene in Needle Engine without touching the URL, you can write a component that unloads the current scene and then loads it again. This process will effectively reset the scene to its initial state. Here’s a component that performs a reset:

import { SceneSwitcher } from "@needle-tools/engine";

export class SceneResetter extends Behaviour {
    start() {

    async resetScene() {
        const switcher = this.getComponent(SceneSwitcher);
        if (!switcher) {
            console.error("SceneSwitcher component not found on the GameObject.");
        // Obtain the current scene name or index
        const currentScene = switcher.currentSceneName || switcher.currentScene;
        // Unload the current scene
        await switcher.unloadScene(currentScene);
        // Load the scene again
        await switcher.loadScene(currentScene);

In the start method, we call resetScene. This method gets the SceneSwitcher component, unloads the current scene, and then loads it again. Make sure to have a SceneSwitcher component attached to the GameObject or somewhere in the scene for this code to work.

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