Projects breaking while importing .unitypackage (21.3.9, 22.3.17)

There is probably something I am doing wrong, but if I import the package into an empty 3D template, on both 21.3.9 and 22.3.17, it causes errors, and the Needle scripts do not work.
In 21.3.9 it constantly causes ‘Collab service is depricated and has been replaced with PlasticSCM’, and the ‘ExportInfo’ component of the ‘Export’ object just does not work.
In 22.3.17 there are no templates in the New Scene menu, the window is just empty, and I can not do anything.
Maybe I am too stupid right now because I am new at Unity, but I will be glad to get some help, thanks!

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Hello PTSDriver,

It appears you are encountering issues related to the generation of Needle Engine components in Unity. There are a few steps you can take to control the generation of C# code from TypeScript:

  1. Ensure you are declaring the TypeScript types correctly, as it is important for C# fields to be generated correctly. All fields in your TypeScript scripts should have an explicitly declared type.
  2. If necessary, use @dont-generate-component if you do not want to generate a C# class for a TypeScript component, especially if you want to match an existing Unity script.
  3. Make sure you have a Component Generator on the GameObject with the ExportInfo component. The scripts added in the src/scripts folder of your project should automatically generate Unity scripts in Assets/Needle/Components.codegen.
  4. You don’t need an additional component in the scene for each NpmDef file; they automatically handle component generation when you create new scripts.

Regarding the Collaboration service error: Collab has been replaced with Plastic SCM in newer versions of Unity. You should be able to disable Collab in the Unity Services panel if that error keeps showing up.

Lastly, if the New Scene menu is empty in Unity 22.3.17 and you cannot do anything, this might be unrelated to the Needle Engine itself and could be an issue with the Unity Editor’s installation or configuration. You might want to try reinstalling Unity or resetting your editor layout.

Refer to the documentation I found on component generation for further technical details (see the documentation). If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please provide more specific error messages or steps to reproduce the problem, and I’ll be glad to assist you further.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Hi this sounds like the unity project itself has some package errors that are unrelated. What does “Just does not work” mean exactly? It doesnt load? That would be the case when you have compiler errors like the Collab service error. Can you share the whole error message here?

I will try to repeat my actions step-by-step in 22.3.17f1:

  1. The new 3D project is being created, no errors in the console.
  2. The ‘Install Needle Engine Unity Integration.unitypackage’ is opened and importing fine.
  3. Then these two errors appear, something with the name spaces, I suppose

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The New Scene window is like that

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I will now install 22.3 LTS and check in this version

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And there are another two errors after opening the New Scene window

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The same thing with 22.3.19f1 LTS

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Can you update to a later 2021.3 version e.g. 2021.3.33 ? I will look into the 2022 problem now.

I couldn’t reproduce the error with our Dev projects updating to latest 2022 or using a new 2022.3.19 project with the default project template. I need more information about your project. Could you share your package manifest.json and your Editor.log file?

Hi, sorry it seems to be an error that only happens on windows - 3.32.14 should fix this. Could you try updating?

Okay, I’ll try it today

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It works now, still I get this ScriptableSingleton error, but it looks like something insignificant, however, I will be in touch

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I should’ve said that I use Windows in the first place, my bad

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Thank you very much for the help!

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The ScriptableSingleton error comes from Unity’s render pipelines as far as I’m aware (I reported a bug about that some months ago)

Glad it got sorted now!