Problem with font after update

After I updated needle, I have problems with my font. The font that I see or have applied in Unity is no longer displayed.

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Sabrina, after updating Needle, if you’re experiencing issues with fonts not being displayed as expected in Unity, you’ll want to check and ensure that the fonts you are using are properly set and registered in the Needle Engine’s font library.

The Text component from Needle Engine has several font-related properties, including font, which is an optional property where you should specify the font family name that you wish to use. Additionally, the setFont function is designed to update options to include a proper font definition combining family, weight, and style (see the documentation).

To resolve your issue, check the following:

  • Ensure the font family and variant you want to use are correctly registered in the Needle Engine’s Font Library.
  • Set the font property on the Text component to the name of the font you wish to use.
  • If necessary, modify the fontStyle property to reflect any particular style (e.g., bold, italic) you need for your text.

This should help ensure that the font is correctly applied and displayed as you have set up in Unity. If further issues persist, double-check your font files, consider any possible compatibility issues, and potentially reach out to Needle Engine support for more detailed assistance.

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Is this a TMPro 3D Text?

I recommend using a worldspace canvas with a legacy text component instead for best quality

We removed the TMPro 3D Text baking recently because it was confusing, it’s just a baked font texture instead of actual dynamic text

yes, it´s the TMP 3D Text.

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ahh ok

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dam :smile:

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ok, I’ll replace it with a canvas

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Ok :slightly_smiling_face: sorry for the confusion! We’ll likely bring it back but in better (dynamic and crisp and not the rough texture from before)

The font is displayed to me in unity but unfortunately not after export. I used the worldspace-ui example and set everything up as in the example. Did I miss something that I still need to adjust?
The canvas itself is displayed but the writing on it is not.

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Please use the legacy text component, not tmpro

first a canvas, to find under UI and than a Text, to find under UI - Lagacy, right? It doesn’t work either. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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Yes, which font did you use? Do you see any errors in Unity or the web browser (F12)?

can´t see any font.

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in unity i can see it

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I tried out different fonts, all of them are listed when I click on the circle under Font.

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