Possibility of creating a liquid simulation experience

Hi, our company is working with a liquor brand to create a cocktail making experience and we would like to add fluid simulation to the experience. We have two unity plugins that let us add these simulations (Obi Fluid and Zibra) but ideally we would release it on WebXR. We know this is super complex, and probably due to limitations it won’t be possible, but is there any possibility of making them work on the web?

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So typically it looks far better to “fake”/emulate such liquid effects instead of simulating them realtime (e.g. you can go a very long way with a mix of particles and mesh blendshapes and prebaked simulations). Realtime simulation is just too unpredictable and almost never looks as a liquor/drinks company expects it to look for marketing :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m unfortunately not aware of a fast 3D fluid simulation that also works on mobile phones - once WebGPU is more widely available that is probably going to change though!

I’ve study different approaches but still don’t know which is possible way to make it work with Needle.

If the real-time simulation doesn’t work, can we export the simulation animation result to Needle Engine?

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In some cases simulation results can be baked to blendshapes in Blender. Basically if you can bake it to glTF you can use it in Needle Engine