Interactive experience as a website

Hi guys, I’m looking to create an interactive experience showcasing a company’s vision through animations. Sort of like the VR headset showcase.

I was wondering if there was a tutorial that detailed how to achieve the effects demonstrated in the showcase.

For context, I’m primarily a Unity Dev, with little to no experience in typescript. Hence I’m having trouble with the fact that I need to write instructions that is converted to unity C# scripts instead of writing it organically within C# unity.

Any guidance provided is greatly appreciated!

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Hi! So for getting started I highly recommend you download the samples package and start modifying ones that you see fit for your usecase. For example, you can just use the code that’s already in the Product Flyover sample and just add your own product(s) and animations.

Right now there’s no individual tutorials for individual samples, but we’re looking into that / plan on making more videos

We also have a docs page with some tips especially for Unity devs on how to get started, and the scripting examples on the docs are helpful to get started with custom typescript too - we tried to create the API so that it’s relatively familiar to how you’d do things in Unity.

This is great news!

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In the future, do you guys plan on allowing unity devs to write C# script that gets converted to the related Javascript files? i think that will be a wonderful feature most unity devs would kill to have!

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Full conversion is either hard (getting good code out of it) or slow (compiling it, what Unity does with il2cpp) - but we can already create stub components the other way around too, I think @marcel :cactus: could tell you more :slightly_smiling_face: