Package.json > build:dev extra tsc call in version 3?

Should I have this line as it was, or as per the upgrade to v3 guide for Needle Engine it mentions removing an extra tsc call?

    "build:dev": "tsc && vite build && npm run copy-files",

or this now which I edited it to?:

    "build:dev": "vite build && npm run copy-files",

or should the extra tsc call look something like this:

    "build:dev": "tsc & tsc && vite build && npm run copy-files",

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The tsc call should be removed. Sorry for the typo

"build:dev": "vite build && npm run copy-files",

you can delete the run copy-files too actually if you never edited that

Thanks, so remove this too?
"copy-files": "copy-files-from-to",

by user 103054507105067008

Yup and in build:dev the call too

can be "build:dev": "vite build"

So no mentions of copy-files :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep (it also shouldnt hurt if it stays but it’s not necessary anymore)

Is there an upgrade guide on the wiki for quick reference for these bits?

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Not yet, but since we’re moving into 3.x it probably makes sense to assemble the Upgrade Guides specifically. What you can currently do is go through Releases Β· needle-tools/needle-engine-support Β· GitHub and you see which updates may had changes