Copyfiles not running?

With the attached file, the .htaccess file is not copied when running production builds with 3.5.9 Needle engine, this used to work before. I know during updates we needed to remove the copyfiles line from the build commands at the top. Is that connected?

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You dont have to remove the copy files script. You can keep using it and just add your custom files in the copyFiles array

Optionally you can try adding a build : { copy: [ "source.file" : "target.path" ] } object to the needle.config.js

I’ll try that tomorrow

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I might have got confused around the 3.* upgrade where you mentioned that CopyFiles isn’t needed next to vite build or tsc

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It isnt for the default files and assets but of course if you have custom files like the htaccess they still need to be copied somewhere/somehow

It’s my bad when you said copyfiles wasn’t needed anymore in that build command list, I assumed it was moved elsewhere or happened automatically. I’ll make sure to put it back and check it runs good which it should :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @ROBYER1 started adding some more documentation about this here: Needle Config | Needle Engine Documentation

In general we added more docs to Typescript Essentials | Needle Engine Documentation
and Scripting Introduction | Needle Engine Documentation recently

let me know if you have any feedback

I’ll give the new ‘copy’ a try by replacing the old copy-files, I assume the format is the same anyway when writing up the array of files for it to copy?

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If all you want to copy is the htaccess then adding

"build": {
    "copy": [

should do it (assuming its in the root dir next to the index.html). It’ll then land in dist/.htaccess

That’s it, then I guess if I want a file in a subfolder to be copied to a specific directory how do I do that? e.g. coolfoldername/.htaccess to the same folder name without copying everything else in that folder?

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That’s not supported right now. But you can still use the copy-from-to npm package for things like that

In that case can I still use the old copy files instead?

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You can use anything as you see fit. The copy-files npm package is good at, well, copying files with some configuration. If you find another one that suits your case better you can use that. Your choice :wink:

Exactly, just add the additional file .htaccess file to the copy-from-to script then, I think it has options for configuring the source and target paths

That’s what I love about the build process you have in place, it is very flexible

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