License check broken since needle engine 3.1

The engine doesn’t export the license js file, with 2.67, everything works as expected

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Hi, yes that changed in 3.x and is now done via a vite plugin. Do you have the needle vite plugins installed in your vite.config ?

Hmm, I did everything you wrote in the release notes (removing the alias in the file). This is my config, but still no license file

import * as path from 'path';
import { defineConfig } from 'vite';
import viteCompression from 'vite-plugin-compression';
import basicSsl from '@vitejs/plugin-basic-ssl'

export default defineConfig(async ({ command }) => {

    const { needlePlugins, useGzip, loadConfig } = await import("@needle-tools/engine/plugins/vite/index.js");
    const needleConfig = await loadConfig();

    return {
        base: "./",
        assetsInclude: ['*'],
        plugins: [
            useGzip(needleConfig) ? viteCompression({ deleteOriginFile: true }) : null,
            needlePlugins(command, needleConfig),

        server: {
            // hmr: false,
            // watch: ["generated/**"]
            https: true,
            proxy: { // workaround: specifying a proxy skips HTTP2 which is currently problematic in Vite since it causes session memory timeouts.
                'https://localhost:3000': 'https://localhost:3000'
            watch: {
                awaitWriteFinish: {
                    stabilityThreshold: 500,
                    pollInterval: 1000
            strictPort: true,
            port: 3000,
        build: {
            outDir: "./dist",
            emptyOutDir: true,
            keepNames: true,

by user 334342083445784576

There will be no license file anymore

It will be baked in the package directly by the vite plugin

You may need to restart the server perhaps?

I restarted the editor/computer and exported the project on a webserver :slightly_smiling_face:

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And Unity says the license is valid?


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I’ll generate a new project now and check if this works

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Still no valid license. Very strange

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Ok ill try to repdo here

sorry about that

First I need a license :joy:

Which vite version are you using? Its working here, do you think you can send me the new project you tried using the bugreporter?

Hey @Podden any news on that?

on it, deadline incoming :wink:

by user 334342083445784576

(it’s fixed btw for anyone coming across this)