OrbitControls Min Zoom Issue

I understand this is more of a three.js Orbitcontrols.js issue but just wondering how to get around the zoom slowing down massively (as in getting harder to scroll to the target when starting the camera from out somewhere like 200 from the 0,0,0 ) and trying to scroll to zoom towards it, the camera sort of zooms to a crawl at about 50 and doesn’t budge much closer until you scroll for actual minutes forward

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It sounds like your zoom target is not where you want/need it to be - what if you use middle mouse click to focus and then zoom onto the target?

You are right, the zoom target is somehow raycasted when not set, setting now… oops!

by user 103054507105067008

By default it raycasts forward - if it doesnt hit anything the target is set 1 unit in front of the camera

Pretty useful to know, I noticed when you said that as I tried to rotate

by user 103054507105067008