onCollisonEnter two objects

Hello there i’m currently working on a project where i want to detect collision with 2 box colliders and perform an action on the if statement.

Can someone help me?

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Whats the code showing? You can just implement onCollisionEnter on a component that is on the box collider.


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There are some samples in here using that (for e.g. changing the color on collision: GitHub - needle-tools/needle-engine-samples: Live: https://engine.needle.tools/samples 🌵 Needle Engine sample scenes - use as examples and as a reference for learning 😊)

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That’s a callback function and invoked by the physics engine

you dont invoke it with a box collider component

see https://github.com/needle-tools/needle-engine-samples/blob/main/assets/Runtime/_Shared/SampleScripts~/ChangeColorOnCollision.ts

or https://github.com/needle-tools/needle-engine-samples/blob/main/assets/Runtime/_Shared/SampleScripts~/PhysicsCollision.ts

here’s a sample in action https://engine.needle.tools/samples/basic-physics/


by user 388785392188653589