On a fresh boot of Windows, launch project, the Play button has the refresh icon and not play icon

I end up having to hit the button twice or more times successively for it to change to the play icon an when it does it actually launches the server. Using Unity 2022.1.16f1 and Exporter 2.31.0-pre

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Hey did you have a server running a few seconds before?

“When it does it actually launches the server” - it does launch the server when none is running yet (or the current server runs for another project) - what did you expect ?

I didn’t, always on a fresh boot of my laptop and the project

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I’ll try :slightly_smiling_face:

It behaves as if I had a server running before or a swap between projects, when I hit Play with the Refresh icon, it loads for a while then does nothing, Icon then changes to Play Icon then it launches when clicked again

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I’ll record it next time I reboot

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Just gonna relaunch unity and see what it does here

Ah yes it shows the refresh icon for a second (at least only a second for me here)

Is that on Windows too?

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I can save logs next time if it shows anything too

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Logs exported from an instance where the play button stays as refresh, no errors in logs but nothing ever opens in Chrome and the refresh icon doesn’t change to the play icon. I hit the play button like 5-6 times.

I had another project open that I closed the chrome tab and terminal that was showing the vite stuff running - but left Unity open
Exported that project as a zip to make a repro for a bug
Kept the old project open in unity but opened the new zipped one
Tried hitting play loads of times in the newly opened one but nothing happened

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Github issue https://github.com/needle-tools/needle-engine-support/issues/87

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