Non-ASCII characters missing from font atlas when used in disabled font components

Seems we’re exporting the atlas as-is, and by default Unity will only contain “all of ASCII and the currently active special characters”.

Seems we want to switch to extended ASCII and/or log if people use characters not in the default atlas in their text components (?)

Reported by @Podden

Original Post on Discord

I have had this issue with my AI storyboard thing. When I tried to display the text coming back from ChatGPT, I would occasionally get the exception about a missing character. It happened a lot with the default Unity Ariel character set, and less when I switched to a specific custom font, but it still happened. Whatever else you might do, it would probably be good to catch the exception if possible so things don’t completely break if you hit a character you didn’t include.

by user 563549194137239552

I think the error happened in three mesh ui and we dont really know which characters are included at runtime. Maybe we could read it back from the json - but i think three mesh ui should handle it. Maybe something to report as a bug there too